I am Rebekah Caputo

I am an artist who makes objects and animates them, sometimes for an audience and sometimes just for myself.

I am inspired by the intricate patterns in nature, the decay of old objects and the vivid colours of the world.

I believe something truly magical happens when a puppet or object enters the stage. The audience’s willingness to believe means they invest on a much higher emotional and imaginative level. It is then, through this deeper connection, we can offer them new ideas, explore philosophical reasoning, or simply entertain to an extremely high level.

With puppets the possibilities are truly endless. I can create the weird and wonderful and am not limited by the human form, gravity or reality. Time and space can shift at the control of my fingertips. I can appear as old man, small animal or wooden spoon!

Through my work with Odd Doll I can dedicate myself to a complex process and reap the satisfaction in creating a high quality of work. I am able to tour, visit new places and collaborate with talented musicians and theatre professionals across the country.

I love to share my practice and relish delivering workshops for Odd Doll. I believe through knowledge sharing art forms thrive, inspiration breeds, and people evolve.

I am Kathleen Yore

I love to tell visual stories that enhance both the beauty and ugliness of life. I also enjoy focusing on the small forgotten things; things that are just bizarre.

I am drawn to theatre as a place, whether it’s inside, outside or just in my head. The way audiences anticipate, imagine and release something excites me. My theatre has to be hard to create, something you would never want to make yourself. It has to smell right and have a lot of time squeezed into it.

The people I work with inspire me and I like getting the best out of them.

For me, music and choreography carry each other around perfectly, affecting my rhythms and emotions. I believe passionately in the power of song.

I crave the sincere concentration of puppetry on stage and do not mind how it makes my arm ache! I love how hard it is to perfect the subtle relationship between movement and intention.

I am also a clown, approaching everything in a genuine way, finding the magic and play in ordinary things.



Paul Mosley
Dean Murray
Rachael Gladwin
Aled Jones
Robert MacKay


Lowri Allen, Naomi Parker


Robinia Farnaby, Charlotte Stanley, Ali Allen


Stage Manager

Matt Sykes Hooban


Adam Robinson, Farelight Productions


Brenna Yore, Dean Murray