“An abundance of ingenuity… it’s near impossible to find fault with such ambitious and inventive design choices and use of space.”

Always Time For Theatre

Odd Doll take a trip to the seaside, where they find more than they bargained for. The only other inhabitant of the dilapidated pier is a rather sinister ice cream man. And he’s got some very strange stories to tell…

His mind-boggling collection of hysterical horrors includes Evil Seagulls, Zombie Donkeys, and Bingo Hairballs. But will anyone who experiences it live to describe it?

Stuffed with fun frights and ice cream chills, Seaside Terror is a celebration of the British horror and British holidays of the 1970s. Funny, nostalgic and visually stunning, Odd Doll use their trademark brew of puppetry, clown and specially composed music to fill the stage with nerve-shattering shocks.

Suitable for ages 12+

“A surprisingly entertaining and imaginative piece of work.”


The British Theatre Guide

“Seaside horror by ‪OddDollPuppetry is imaginative, witty and indeed spooky! Catch them while still on tour (and I won an action man).”

Joyce Lee (Artistic Director, Mind the Gap)

“What a riot SeasideTerror was – impeccable physicality & comic timing; a complete joy to experience & a busy, lively audience in ‪squarechapel’s gorgeous Copper studio space to match. Thank you ‪OddDollPuppetry!”

Alison Ford (Programmer, Square Chapel Arts Centre)


“Truly brilliant puppets from The Seaside Terror by ‪OddDollPuppetry – go see it!!!”

Rod Dixon (Artistic Director Red Ladder)