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''I want to surprise people and make them feel amazing.''

What's it all about?

Odd Doll was formed in 2012 out of a desire to transport people into different worlds, telling visual stories, exploring themes and experiences that touch us, and which demonstrate skills that take time to perfect.
Kathleen Yore - Artistic Director

I love to tell visual stories that enhance both the beauty and ugliness of life. I enjoy small forgotten things and things that are just bizarre.

I want to inspire and invigorate people through theatre. I am excited by the way audiences come together, anticipate and imagine. I believe that as theatre makers we have an great responsibility towards our audience; we want them to want more, to be an active participant and left wondering.

I am fascinated by the way original composition and choreography work together. I crave the sincere concentration and craftmanship of puppetry on stage. I love how hard it is to perfect the subtle relationship between movement and intention. The power and presence of mask never ceases to amaze me. I am also a clown and physical theatre practitioner, approaching everything in a genuine expressive way, finding the magic and joy in ordinary things.

As collaboraters I love getting the best out of each other.


Odd Doll collaborate with a team of artists on each project. Meeting new people is how things happen! Please get in touch if you want to play!
Click on the name of each collaborator to visit their website and learn more.
Rebekah Caputo
Puppet building, puppeteer, direction and concept development.
The Trick, Worried Walrus, Red Rust, Seaside Terror and Whiskers first Winter
Paul Mosley
Musical director
The Trick, Worried Walrus, Seaside Terror and Whiskers first Winter
Ali Allen
Set designer
Seaside Terror and Whiskers first Winter
Naomi Parker
Costume designer
Seaside Terror and Whiskers first Winter
Tim Skelly
Lighting design
Whiskers first Winter
Robert MacKay
Puppeteer and sound artist
Red Rust and Seaside Terror
Rachael Gladwin
Composer and musician
Red Rust
Robinia Farnaby
Set designer
The Worried Walrus and Red Rust
Matt Wood
Whiskers first Winter
Jennie Rawling
Whiskers first Winter
Dean Murray
Composer, performer and musician
The Worried Walrus
Aled Jones
Sound artist
Red Rust
Matt Sykes Hooban
Tech stage manager, builder and designer
Seaside Terror and Whiskers first winter
Adam Robinson
Seaside Terror
Steve Watling
Tech stage manager
Seaside Terror and Whiskers first Winter
Special thanks to: Sasha Hawkes (Marketing Support)
                                Jaye Kearney and Amanda Trickett (PR Support)
                                David Lindsay and Antony Robling (Photography)
                                Brenna Yore, Melissa Middleton, Marie-Charlotte Yao (Illustraion and graphic design)
                                Jeremy Barnett (Video editing)


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