Research and development of a new clown show for the street. 


I feel like I am living in a chaos. People are unsure where they belong or

what the future holds.  What powers do we have to change these 

environments? This piece will explore:

New forms, bold ideas and high skill. Ridiculous clown, detailed

physical performance, way out and well-crafted design and invigorating

music. It will be unpredictable and unforgettable.

At first sight, it will create wonder and have the ‘WOW’ factor. A piece of visual poetry designed to enchant and empower the viewers imagination. Spectacularly detailed sculptural elements, played in the round, with movable parts and integrated lighting for night or day.


Interactive in an irresistible way. Collective liberation and wild surprises, a complete release of joy. It will explore the way in which a crowd feeds of each other’s excitement, building the feeling that something is about to happen, and when it does, we want to dance for joy. Some strange and totally bonkers things are essential too!

The Research and development will explore:

The transition of making visual performance for theatre to the outdoors. To discover how performance of the highest quality can be brought into public spaces, how it connects with people and makes them feel inspired, invigorated and empowered.

There will be four parts, each with a new collaborator:

  1. An exploration of public space; using performance as a powerful expression.

      To conduct a theoretical investigation into:

  • Current inspirational uses of public space and performance

  • To question who are the audience; the unsuspecting public

  • The importance of theatre as an instigator for ideas and change.


2. Play, structure and interaction.

How do crowds unconsciously become apart of the performance, develop ways to experiment with this, explore what makes us laugh, play with themes and ideas to discover how this work might be structured.

3. Design

Exploration into outside structures and costumes with impact

4. Contemporary dance

Explore ways to incorporate contemporary dance choreography into clown performance.

Currently seeking funding and confirming new collaborations
A little more on the idea...
New updates coming soon! Watch this space!


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