Red Rust (2015)

What’s the best time you ever had? The one moment you’ll always treasure?

Capturing the wild, nostalgic memories of a woman approaching the end of her years, this visually stunning new show is an enchanting celebration of an unforgettable life.

From a raucous ride on a new bike to a delicate courtship played out over tea-cups and the unruly bustle of a cornflake factory, she has lived, loved and had a ball.

But sometimes the best memories can be lost forever. What is it that she’s forgotten?

Bringing together influences from across creative disciplines, Red Rust mixes an original soundtrack played live on the harp with dancing puppets and hilarious moments of clown. Filled with colour, it will make imaginations race, as Odd Doll develop their trademark blend of evocative, playful theatre.

Suitable for ages 12+

Watch the video here

“Just saw Odd Doll Puppetry at the Little Angel Theatre in London and was so moved. Beautiful, beautiful storytelling.” Grace Cheatle, actor

“Creepy, joyous and a lot more besides”


Penny Kirk (Quality Improvement Manager for Dementia Services, NHS Yorkshire)

“It takes skill to turn real experiences of dementia into a show enjoyed by young and old. Thank you!” Bramley Lawn

“Red Rust is poignant and incredibly touching. I can’t believe I shed a tear at a puppet!” 

David Denton


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