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Dates cancelled due to
Fingers crossed for 2021!
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Dates cancelled due to COVID19
Fingers crossed for 2021!
12th Jan 2021
All day puppetry workshop 
Harrogate Theatre Royal
Puppetry is truly magic. It captivates audience’s imaginations by allowing ordinary things to come alive and tell a story. This workshop is designed to inspire and invigorate all creative people, give you the tools to explore ways of using puppetry in your work or purely for therapeutic, playful purposes. We will learn manipulation techniques and allow everyday materials such as paper and plastic express themes that create powerful atmospheres. We will study the symbolic meaning behind the objects we choose and give them a voice. You will then practice the art of detailed table-top puppetry movement, asking how our audience interprets narrative and finds escapism through skilful choreography.
12th - 17th April 2021
Moving Parts -
Newcastle Puppetry Festival
Making Masterclass
A live six day professional puppet making masterclass in which you will learn intricate making methods within chosen materials. Take home a beautiful puppet for use in production. Still in the planning phase, so full details to come soon!
Hand puppet making
masterclass - Available now!
'Pocket Faery tales'
Beverley Puppet Festival
Free online hand puppet masterclass using materials around the house
- make your own clay
- conceptualise characters and narratives
- puppet costume ideas
- sculpt faces
- create beautiful eyes, teeth and hair
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